We offer professional repair, service, and restoration on select coffee and tea brewing equipment — from grinders to espresso machines and brewers.

At The Brewtechs, we believe in offering high-quality service and repairs to help maintain your brewing equipment. We highly recommend regularly scheduled, non-emergency maintenance in order to keep your equipment and business running at optimal functionality. We also offer quality emergency service when you’re in need. 

Our experts also can facilitate complete restoration of equipment. That can be anything from descaling to remove calcium build-up, replacing parts, and cleaning components to get your equipment back in tip-top shape. Think of it as giving your brewing equipment a new lease on life.


Commercial equipment we service

La Marzocco

Linis Beverage Systems




Kees van der Westen

Wilbur Curtis

Nimbus Water Systems

Grind Master


Please send us an email for inquires regarding your service needs.